Apps and social media

March 3rd, 2011 by

Spent an interesting day at the Technology for Marketing show at Earls Court yesterday. Lots of SEO stuff, but what interested me were the companies offering to develop apps for mobile platforms.
We have been using mobile as part of our offer for a few years now, with some mini questionnaires on phones (pretty clunky to be honest) and a lot of 2 way texting (which has worked really well).
We want people who are more comfortable using mobile devices, or who communicate via social media, to be participating in our surveys. So the big question is phone based apps, Facebook apps, mobile versions of surveys, or do we just keep it simple?
I would love people to be able to feedback simple information and experiences as they happen – but I haven’t seen the killer app yet. I guess that means we have to build it. Get in touch if you have a great idea! Meantime we have a great voting game we are building for the android / iphone platform. Just don’t call it an app…..

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