See me, feel me

March 4th, 2014 by

At COG we are getting great results with the combination of HD eye tracking glasses and skin conductance recording (SCR). Our team are out in the field today with willing subjects recording everything they look at and the brain activity it is triggering. We have developed this in association with Dr Amanda Ellison at Durham University and the first results will be published next month.
It is already clear that combining eye track data and SCR gives us great extra information about how we are engaging with or reacting to stimuli. We had fun tracking response to Winter Olympics footage. Even the curling provoked some big spikes in activity!

The next step is to go back to our subjects and review the footage and the reaction track with them: good old fashioned ethnography. We are grateful to Tracksys and Acuity for their endless technical support as we deal with the practicalities of field recording multiple data streams for a whole day. Now we can record onto an iPod and a Samsung phone we have something a respondent can wear on the tube or at the gym. Unfortunately it is a very long day for our interview team as they have to meet them first thing and pickup the kit last thing at night. Then download the data overnight and start again the next morning. The joys of innovation!

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