Helping to educate children to overcome prejudice

November 28th, 2016 by

COG Research worked with the BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme, Changing Faces (a long time client of ours) and Tetherdown School in London to test whether lessons and experience can overcome deep seated prejudice against facial disfigurement.

We have used IAT tests in the past to measure how much unconscious prejudice there is against facial disfigurement, and found that the levels are twice as high than for other common unconscious prejudices (or to be accurate, unconscious negative associations) such as race or sexuality.

We unconsciously find it easier to associate positive values with faces, races or other groups we are ‘comfortable with’, and can more easily associate negative values with other groups.

We tested the 10 and 11 year old children in London before and after a series of face disfigurement exercises: we found they were less negative than adults (11% more negative vs. average 27% for adults in UK), and after the days sessions they were only 1.5% more negative – a fantastic result.


See all about this at BBC Iplayer Victoria Derbyshire 28th November at 9 15: we are hoping to get a copy of video live on our website too.


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