Everybody Lies

January 18th, 2018 by

This is a great book about how we tell the ‘truth’ more to our browser search window than any survey. There is some disturbing stuff in here, but at least it feels like we are hearing real voices. I have spent a long time in research thinking that what we tell researchers is a highly sanitised and rationalised version of our lives, and it is so refreshing to get something raw and unfiltered.

What I am now thinking about is how we can integrate these streams of desire or anxiety or even shame into a better understanding of the world and our fellow human.

And how we can connect better and with more integrity, and maybe even do some good.

I was reading Tracy Fellowes piece on Mediatel


on how brands should not get in the business of censorship, and that struck a chord too: so how can we be a force for good in our business, or if not for good then at least for truth?

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