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5 things COG came across last week

October 1st, 2012 by


An interesting insight from Dave Trott, “many planners now confuse themselves with researchers” IF PLANNERS PLANNED @ http://davetrott.campaignlive.co.uk/
We like doing ‘upstream’ research, which means any ‘copy testing’ research we do asks the right questions.


There’s no such thing as bad publicity? The Wall Blog ruminates on supposed PR disasters.
I also shop at Waitrose because I was once in the Holloway Rd branch & heard a dad say, “Put the papaya down, Orlando!” #waitrosereasons
& how Nick Clegg spins the spin

Got everyone talking and both ‘brands’ were brought front of mind. Could this explicit ridicule actually bring implicit gains?


PSY’s Gangnam style goes viral
Overtakes LMFAO’s YouTube likes . . . breaks a Guinness world record . . . No. 1 on Sunday’s Radio 1 Top 40.
Remember MC Hammer?


Seth Godin’s Blog advises on ‘The wishing/doing gap’
But don’t we need a wish in the first place to make us want to do?


Julian Wolkenstein explores the scientific concept of beauty; “It’s time to reflect”.
Changing normal people’s appearances drastically simply by giving them completely symmetrical faces, creating two identities.
But show us the original faces please so we can compare the real thing!