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If we don’t read handbooks, can we be trusted to do surveys?

February 23rd, 2011 by

We were arguing in the office about some of the icons we use to make our online surveys more user friendly. We got on to the instructions we give when we show a new type of question, and it became obvious that we were not even reading some of the instructions ourselves when we did testing. So then there was an argument – is it just men who don’t read the instruction manual, or is it universal? Or are there segments – cautious and anal through to careless and cavalier (you see no one comes out of this well…).

If you make a living out of running online surveys (and advising clients how to make their products and ads and packs better) then this sort of thing could worry you. Just like questions like ‘do people tell any kind of truth in focus groups?’, or ‘can we trust people to accurately introspect their motivations?’

Well, we decided there is one thing we could do – let’s eye track some people as they are doing our surveys. Then we will know if they are looking at the instructions, and what kind of page layout seems to work most clearly. As soon as we get the results we will be posting them here….