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About Me

Rob Ellis - Founder

Rob is a Fellow of the Market Research Society, and has a background in strategy and consulting. COG is his brainchild, based on the belief that the fundamental principles of neuroscience could be harnessed to help us understand consumer behaviour and beliefs. Educated at Oxford he now divides his time between the UK and Spain, and his passion is promoting diversity and inclusivity - not least in research.

Smiling Man Headshot

Jacob Masters - IT Director

Jacob heads our design and software team: he has been building graphic and engaging online (and now mobile) surveys for us since we started, and loves the challenge of a new game. As we host the surveys using our own software we can be super flexible. He is passionate about user experience and fights long and hard to avoid dull and over-long surveys.


 Prof. Amanda Ellison - Academic Consultant

Amanda is the Professor in charge of the Cognitive Neuroscience team at Durham University and Executive Director of the Wolfson Research Institute. She has collaborated with COG and our clients on a range of eye tracking and neuro based projects especially in the field of media, and has particular interest in the neuroscientific basis of vision.

She has been invaluable in helping us build functional alogrithms to make sense of behavioural experiments around engagement and attention.


Janie Curtis - Consultant

Janie Curtis studied at  Vassar, a top liberal arts college in the United States,  and has held leadership roles in strategy and research for leading international advertising agencies including J.Walter Thompson, Mullen, EuroRSCG and Leo Burnett (DMB&B).

She now heads our Portuguese operation.

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Pat Wade - Quantitative Consultant

Pat heads up our survey design and analysis team and has extensive experience of questionnaire development, online implementation and analysis and is in charge of quality and meeting timelines in all these areas Before coming to us, she worked in marketing and customer relations for a large retail company in South Africa. Pat is a member of the MRS and is in charge of all issues related to data privacy and security and the integrity of our analysis offering.

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Dr. Nicola Dawson - Consumer Psychologist

Nicola is a highly experienced psychologist, who has worked with us on media and social projects. She combines work for COG with private practice counselling, which ensures she stays grounded in real world issues.

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