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Sports and Shopping (and ads too)

Last year we did a ground-breaking live eye track test at Westfield in London for Ocean Outdoors, measuring the im

pact their digital out of home screens had on attention and behaviour, when they were showing live Wimbledon footage. We were blessed with wonderful sunny weather and some epic matches, which ran live on the outdoor screens around the shopping centre. The objective was to use real life neuro testing to find out if compelling video on big screens drove more attention to the ads shown during the breaks (yes, sounds like how TV works so well - ask Thinkbox!).

The experiment produced results beyond our expectations: clearly showing that when compelling video is running, the ads shown around it benefit too. You can read more about the study here

One thing we have always argued at COG, and this test really made the case for us, is that you need to do real world neuro experiments if you want to find out how people behave in the real world. We have seen this in the past in work for Thinkbox and C4, Discovery and London Underground / Global. It can be a pain to go out into the real world and persuade people to wear our glasses while they go about their lives, but the results provide more credible and compelling results than any lab test we have seen so far.

We are just in the middle of analysing a new study which ran live in Dubai last month: watch this space for more details.

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