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Ways of Seeing: Dubai Style

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

We have just come back from Dubai, where Informa asked us to run Eyetracking at one of their big events, the Arab Health 2020 show. This is a massive event, with 100,000 visitors over 4 days, with most visiting for at least 2 days, attendees and exhibitors from all over the world, and 15 separate halls. Most visitors had very specific interests, such as oncology, diagnostics, medical devices etc. and their ways of walking and seeing often reflected these interests.

The cadavers got a lot of attention, especially when they were being wheeled through the show to a new location! We are very grateful to our local team (in UAE style was very international, from Syria, Jordan, Brazil and Yorkshire originally) who engaged with respondents from 20 countries and our local tech support from Consort World who provided the glasses and a lot of above and beyond help. Special mention to Reem for her patience and even meeting me at airport to save a last drive into downtown!

We have a bg analysis task on board, but we love the way that we can learn about how people actually behave in different contexts from this powerful real world measurement tool. There is no substitute for real world research even if you have to travel across time zones to make it happen.

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