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What makes great research?

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

It is coming up to awards time again, and I have just been reading a selection of really compelling submissions for the MRS Media and Advertising Research Award: it is going to be a tough call for the judges to pick a winner. Last year we were lucky winners, not hard working judges, and we picked up an award along with our great friends at Exterion Media, for the work we did with them on advertising on the Underground.

There is a great video about the project here and we thought we would share some other links to work we have done over the past few years

We have done a number of projects with Channel 4 and the TV industry in general

Here is a link to some published work about premium VOD vs YouTube and social media ads

Sometimes we get involved in issues like happiness and trust – and here is a link to a study we did on brand trust and the mood of Britain (before Brexit, so who knows what it is today!)

And finally some work we are particularly proud of: working with Lloyds Banking Group and Adam and Eve DDB to understand the way diversity is portrayed in advertising

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