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Experiments in retail

Times are interesting in the UK research and insight market. A little slower than usual, and a mood of uncertainty. So at COG we decided to take a break from thinking about why that might be, and focus on what we could do to drive some short term sales.

"Why not use this to drive new trial?" we thought. We have a brilliant Implicit product, that is simple, can be integrated into any existing online survey, and brings powerful new consumer insight that classic question asking doesn't deliver.

So yesterday we launched a email push, because we like to think of ourselves as brave experimenters, not just dry theoreticians. We have had some encouraging responsese and I promise to write more about how it went, but a few first thoughts.

The offer was 50% off the classic IRT module, if the project is commissioned in next 28 days. That may need to be finessed, but the heart of the idea is to get people to consider using the COG IRT and take that first step to trying a module.

It is possible to do an offer like this, as we don't provide sample, it simply sits within the existing survey, adding about a minute to the overall lenght and giving, for example, 12 value ratings on 6 brands, on both rational and emotional scales at the same time.

Maybe some brave panel will come up with a half price sample, and we can do a partnership and persuade entirely new customers into the market. Get in touch if you want to try it: we are in experimental mode at the moment. But in the meantime, as they say,

there has never been a better time to try an Implicit Test. Get in touch to find out more.

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